What's One of the Best Kept Secrets in Silicon Valley?

Open source software. This is an archive of NetAction's white papers and articles on open source software. Long before it caught the media's attention as an alternative to Microsoft, NetAction began educating Internet users about the advantages of open source software.

Often (and sometimes incorrectly) called freeware, shareware, and "source code," open source software has been responsible for key functions of the Internet for many years. But until recently, few people outside of the software development industry had heard the term "open source," and even fewer were aware that this alternative software development model exists. Even now, most consumers aren't aware of the wide variety of software available to them!

Why is Open Source Software So Significant?

Open source software is widely available, constantly being modified and improved by software developers, has strong technical support, and provides individuals as well as large and small businesses many flexible alternatives to corporate software packages. Now, it's seen as a promising alternative for computer operating systems, web browsers, Internet and web servers, and other key software applications.


Take a look at NetAction's white papers:

then get active! Write your Representative to encourage wide-spread support of open source development!

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