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Learn more about anti-trust laws, the federal investigation of Microsoft, and why Microsoft is a threat to competition, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the computer industry.

M$ fish eating up all the little companies

Alternative Operating Systems


The XFree86 Project, Inc.
The K Desktop Environment
Debian GNU/Linux


Apple (Macintosh)
Be, Inc.
OS/2 (official) (also useful)
SavaJe XE

Also of interest: International Alliance for Compatible Technology at

Anti-trust Resources

Join an online debate about Microsoft antitrust issues
Appraising Microsoft Conference
This conference was organized by Ralph Nader, and was held November 13-14, 1997 in Washington, DC.
Antitrust Enforcement and the Consumer
Written by an Assistant Attorney General of the Antitrust Division. Explains the details of the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act.
The Case Against Microsoft (Spring 96)
An analysis of Micro$oft's anti-competitive business practices.
Microsoft antitrust settlement rejected (14 Feb 95)
The text of Judge Stanley Sporkin's opinion overruling the consent decree between Microsoft and the Justice Department (Sporkin's opinion was later overruled).
Anti-trust Law and Economics Review
Anti-trust Policy Page
Consumer Project on Technology
EFF analysis of Microsoft anti-trust issues
E-Node Godzilla Redeux (Apr 97)
E-Node: Godzilla Uber Alles (9 Jul 96)
Reback's letter to the Wall Street Journal

Government Resources

Department of Justice Home Page
DOJ search of documents about Microsoft
US Department of Justice email address for antitrust matters:
Federal Trade Commission Home Page
FTC email address for antitrust matters:

Resources for contacting government officials

Directory of 105th Congress
Congressional delegations by state or territory
Zip code directory for locating Congressional representatives

News Reports

Corporate Watch's Editorial: One World Operating System
The Greatest Operating System that Never Was (5/98)
Slamming Gates
Is Microsoft-bashing good for you?
The Perma-Temp Proletariat (Jan 98)
Microsoft Denies NetAction Claims (12 Dec 97)
(This is a summary--you have to register with newsbytes for the full article)
Action Group Protests Microsoft's Education Initiative (10 Dec 97)
State to review Microsoft college deal (9 Dec 97),4,17161,00.html?latest
Overseas Invasion (Mother Jones, Jan/Feb 1998)
Microsoft has discovered a way to bully foreign companies into buying Microsoft -- and only Microsoft.
How Microsoft got the Internet Explorer name
Consumer Group Attacks Microsoft (13 May 97),4,10601,00.html
Microsoft antitrust file grows (22 May 97),4,10911,00.html
Making Microsoft Safe for Capitalism by James Gleick (NY Times, 4 Aug 96)
The Calgary Herald: Small firms wary of wealthy Microsoft (7 May 97)
Online Business Today on Gates and the Internet (news report)
RCM Financial's analysis of MS and Netscape (1 Oct 96)
RED HERRING article on Intuit (Jan 95)
Time Magazine article
U.S. News Cover Story (opening page) (main story with links)
WIRED's "inside story" on Microsoft

Security Resources

Is It a Hack or a Windows 95 Bug? (PC World Online)
NTperl cgi-bin danger
Windows 95 Vulnerabilities
computer-security/Windows NT Security FAQ

Boycott Pages

CETI -- College for Sale
Open Internet News and Info Pages
Detailed information on the various desktop operating systems.
Anti-Micro$oft Association
Are there vampires in your web browser?
A Java Call To Arms from David Moffat
The Boycott Micro$oft Page
The Microsoft Boycott Campaign
Stop Microsoft (stops Internet Explorer users from viewing your web pages)

Comic Relief

What can you expect from Microsoft's Tech Support?
More cream pies for Bill Gates!
Some Creative Ways of Thinking About Bill Gates' Hoarded Wealth (Humor by Phil Shapiro)
William Gates Wall of Shame
Evil Empires Sticker
The Horrible Microsoft Conspiracy
I Hate Microsoft
Microsuck hate page!
Opposing the Microsoft Juggernaut
Stuff O' Boug: Anti-Micros$oft
Tie Die Ribbon Campaign

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