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M$ fish eating up all the little companies

Don't Let Microsoft Monopolize Your Campus!

Earlier this year, students, faculty, and staff at the 23-campus California State University system united and organized to block plans by Microsoft and its corporate partners to control technology on all of the Cal State campuses. Campus officials were on the brink of approving a long-term technology contract when students began to organize. The plan was derailed after complaints and public protests prompted the California Legislature to conduct a hearing into the matter. (For more about the California experience, see the Micro$oft Monitor, issues No. 20, 21, 22, and 25.)

Unfortunately, Microsoft had better luck in Texas and Indiana. But it's not too late to stop Microsoft from monopolizing other college campuses. If you don't want Microsoft to turn our state university systems into private workforce training programs, now is the time to act. To help students mobilize against Microsoft's campus software deals, NetAction intern Mitch Stoltz has created the following Campus Action Tool Kit.

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