Make A Difference By Supporting NetAction

January 2003

Dear Friends,

With every passing year, the Internet has become a more important tool for citizen action, making NetAction's Virtual Activist training a more important resource for online activists. We need your support so that we may continue to provide Internet users with the information they need to make effective use of technology for outreach, organizing, and advocacy.

You can make a credit card donation from NetAction's secure server at:

For over six years now, NetAction has helped activists learn to use the Internet for organizing, outreach, and advocacy. In 2002, we published a groundbreaking report on Computer Security Practices in Nonprofit Organizations and added an important new resource for online activists - NetAction's Cyber Security Checklist. We also compiled several of our most popular training materials into a Virtual Activist Reader that visitors can download from our web site in a variety of formats.

Thanks in part to your generous support, NetAction has also continued to educate the public and policy makers about technology policy. In 2002 we published a four-part series of white papers by Advisory Board member Judi Clark that examined the future of networking and communications.

As always, we've accomplished our work on a limited budget, and we need your support to continue our efforts in 2003. Our first priority for 2003 is to update and expand our Virtual Activist curriculum to highlight new technology tools and resources. We will also continue to advocate for policies that promote the availability of affordable broadband access - policies that the four remaining Bell phone monopolies are lobbying hard to overturn.

Please be as generous as possible. As a project of The Tides Center, NetAction is a 501 (c) (3) organization and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Audrie Krause
Executive Director