The World Beyond the Bells

By Judi Clark

NetAction Advisory Board Member



The incumbent local telephone carriers (ILECs) have long offered telephone services, and more recently, Internet communications services. A great deal of the telecommunications sector, however, is currently in financial jeopardy. Services that fill our communications needs include several alternatives to the telephone. This report looks at some of the business opportunities that are developing to augment, supplement or replace the remaining Bell telephone companies. It looks at two-way broadband Internet and mobile service providers, including cable and a host of radio or frequency spectrum-based technologies-whose regulatory and commercial futures are uncertain but whose potential impact is tremendous.

Part I: What, No Telephone?

Part II: Goliath, meet David. And Dave. And Davy . . .

Part III: End Notes

This paper is available as a single HTML file, a Microsoft Word 5.1 document, and a PDF document.

About the Author

Judi Clark is currently a law student and President of ManyMedia, a Graphics Communication and Information Services Consultancy. She is also the force behind, and a member of the NetAction Advisory Board. She has been an instructor in the University of California, Santa Cruz's corporate training department, past treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR), and served on the Steering Committee for several annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CPF) conferences. She has been involved with many professional and businesswomen's conferences and web sites, and is creator of the Role Model Project for Girls.

August 2002