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NetAction advisory board member Judi Clark has completed a set of papers which look at the future of networking and communications. The first in our series "Networks for the Future: To .NET or Not," looks at two different models of networks: Microsoft's .NET and an alternative open network. The second, "The Future of the Regional Bells," predicted that the four remaining Bell companies would find it increasingly difficult to repay their collective $135 billion debt as their revenue stream from traditional phone services eroded in response to the growing availability of alternative networks and technologies. The third paper, "The World Beyond the Bells," explains how current and perceived threats to the Bell network are causing an ad hoc social movement to emerge, and describes how wireless technologies are evolving to empower this social movement. The fourth and final paper, "Our Stake in Cyberspace," examines four potential scenarios for the future of the Internet and communications as we know it.

Judi Clark's most recent paper discusses the future of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

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About the Author

Judi Clark is currently a law student and President of ManyMedia, a Graphics Communication and Information Services Consultancy. She is also the force behind, and a member of the NetAction Advisory Board. She has been an instructor in the University of California, Santa Cruz's corporate training department, past treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR), and served on the Steering Committee for several annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CPF) conferences. She has been involved with many professional and businesswomen's conferences and web sites, and is creator of the Role Model Project for Girls.