White Papers


Tauzin-Dingell: Helping to Disable the 1996 Telecommunications Act by Judi Clark (8/03)

Our Stake in Cyberspace by Judi Clark (12/02)

The World Beyond the Bells by Judi Clark (8/02)

The Future of the Regional Bells by Judi Clark (5/02)

Networks for the Future: To .Net or Not by Judi Clark (3/02)

Will Technology Trickle Down to Rural America? by Kalyani Manohar (2/01)

How the Bells Stole America's Digital Future by Bruce Kushnick (6/00)

Broadband: Are You Exposed? by Judi Clark (5/00)

The Origins and Future of Open Source Software by Nathan Newman (3/99)

The Case for Government Promotion of Open Source Software by Mitch Stoltz (2/99)

Reinventing Democratic Culture in an Age of Electronic Networks by David Bollier (10/96)


Articles, Reports and Letters

Open Source in the Nonprofit Sector by Theresa Chen (from in NetAction Notes No. 86, 8/02)

Computer Security Practices in Nonprofit Organizations (1/02)

NetAction's Guide to Using Encryption Software (10/01)

Online Buyer's Guide by Judi Clark and Hilarie Gardner (12/00)

NetAction's FTC comments on the High Technology Warranty Project by Prof. David R. Rice, Roger Williams University School of Law, 9/00)

NetAction urges .us domain be open to all (Letter to Office of International Affairs, NTIA, 10/98)

Information Wants to be Valuable: A Report from the First O'Reilly Perl Conference by Keith W. Porterfield (8/97)

Synergy in Cyberspace by Audrie Krause (5/97)

Telecommunications Reform: A Year in Review (April 1997)

NetAction's Tools for Organizing Cyberspace (In Hellraiser Central on the Mother Jones Web Site, 4/97)

Affordable Internet (NetAction urges FCC to keep Internet access affordable by rejecting ISP access fees requested by telcos, 3/97)

Airport security: Check your luggage, not your rights! (Letter to VP Al Gore, 2//97)


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